Crazy Camouflage in Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the bioindicator groups that we have been studying at the Manu Learning Centre (MLC) for around 10 years as part of our long-term biodiversity monitoring projects. Due to their small size, sensitivity to environmental changes, and short life span, they provide a snapshot of the state of the forest at any […]

Discovery and Mystery: The Tale of a Wounded Red Howler Monkey at MLC

In the heart of our jungle adventures, where the natural world weaves its stories, a curious chapter unfolded this month of September at the MLC – the tale of a Red Howler Monkey. As part of the CREES Foundation’s educational programs, a group of enthusiastic students from a school in Salvation joined us, eager to […]

Tadashi Caceres Jahana – Community Programm Cordinator

During the past September, our team took part in a tree climbing course sponsored by the Salvacion Technological Institute “I.E.S.T.P. Manu” and the Peruvian Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA). This training was specifically tailored for farmers and individuals actively engaged in conservation work. It aimed to equip them with the necessary skills for carrying out […]

Career development in Crees

My first experience with Crees started in 2018, when I decided to join the Conservation Internship Programme. I had recently graduated from university and was looking for somewhere to gain some practical experience and learn some valuable field skills. During the six-month internship, I found my passion for studying reptiles and amphibians, managed to publish […]

Primates as a key element for a regenerating forest case of the Peruvian Spider Monkey

Our team has been collecting information at Manu Learning Centre Biological Field Station (MLC) through various surveys like Terrestrial In Line Transects (TILT) focused on endangered birds and mammals. While at the same time, we consider all the incidental records, during our hikes inside the regeneration forest inside the MLC to obtain their occurrence data. […]

20 years of Crees: A celebration of a regenerating rainforest site!

Recently we celebrated our anniversary in July and wow, what a journey it has been up to this point, from humble beginnings in 2003 as a blank canvas after environmentally destructive ranching and logging activities!  To then construct the biological research station of the Manu Learning Centre from the ground up and enable the regeneration […]

A long ride for a white moustache

I am a Crees Manu Conservation Intern at the Manu Learning Centre. Along with other volunteers, we travelled five hours by boat through the Alto Madre de Dios and the Manu River. Inside this natural protected area, we found very special species. It was our third day, and it was warm and sunny when we […]

From Salvación to the MLC

On August 26th, seven children from the José Carlos Mariategui School in Villa Salvación had the opportunity, along with two of their teachers, to visit the Manu Learning Centre (MLC). These sixth graders were rewarded with the first prize in the “Manu: My home” painting contest held last June. The day began at 7 am […]