20 years of Crees: A celebration of a regenerating rainforest site!

Recently we celebrated our anniversary in July and wow, what a journey it has been up to this point, from humble beginnings in 2003 as a blank canvas after environmentally destructive ranching and logging activities! 

To then construct the biological research station of the Manu Learning Centre from the ground up and enable the regeneration of a devastated area, into a safe space for flora and fauna to call home once more, within the Manu Biosphere Reserve buffer zone! 

All thanks to Quinn Meyer, our funder, who took a leap of faith to initiate this project many years ago and Juan Carlos Cardenas, our general manager, who has steered the ship for many years! Two passionate individuals who have enabled us to thrive and continue to grow to this very day! Not forgetting our hard working team within the Crees Manu & Crees Foundation areas, maintaining high standards of service and innovation up to now and for many years to come!

We are constantly aiming to improve our relations with locals to educate and ensure more sustainable practices and to communicate our mission with not just our local beneficiaries, but also with the world!

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Many thanks to all our contributors, collaborators and supporters, without you, this project would not be possible!