From Internship Recipient to Senior Field Staff: My Journey of Discovery at the Manu Learning Centre

Over a year ago, I embarked on a transformative journey as an internship recipient at the Manu Learning Centre Biological Field Station. The program, spanning three enriching months, was a remarkable chapter in my life’s story. Under the guidance of an incredible team, I confronted a myriad of challenges that not only strengthened my skills but also kindled new passions in my professional and personal growth.

From the very first day, the adventure was exhilarating. Venturing into the field with uncertainty as to what lay ahead is a feeling that transcends the challenges of living far from city comforts. The reward lay in the discovery of new and wondrous creatures in the midst of long, strenuous walks through the forest. Arriving at the lodge, eager to share my findings with fellow enthusiasts, fostered a deep appreciation for this unique place and underscored the urgent need for its conservation. This adventure prompted profound reflections on my life’s goals and aspirations.

It is with profound gratitude that I extend my heartfelt thanks to Crees for granting me this life-changing opportunity. But the journey is far from over. Today, I am honoured to hold the position of Senior Field Staff, affording me the privilege of exploring new horizons and engaging in daily experiences enriched by teaching and learning alongside volunteers, interns, and tourists from around the world.

My time at the Manu Learning Centre has been undeniably one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, and it continues to shape my path and aspirations in ways I could have never imagined.

BSc Renato Colan Rodriguez – Senior Field Staff