Wonderful Wetlands

During the month of March, we had the fantastic opportunity to monitor the wildlife in Machuwasi to create an inventory of the species found there. Machuwasi, a wetland close to the town of Salvacion, offers exciting tourism experiences to visit a beautiful habitat and view the animals that inhabit it. Wetlands are a globally important ecosystem that provides ecosystem services to humans and supports high levels of biodiversity.

During our time in Machuwasi, we carried out surveys for birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies. Despite its close proximity to the Manu Learning Centre, it was fascinating to see differences in the species assemblages. Some species that are uncommon at the MLC were found often in Machuwasi. We were even lucky enough to see some species that haven’t been recorded in the MLC before, including the vibrant poison frog Ameerega trivittata, and the striking lizard Plica plica.

It was a fascinating experience to conduct surveys in a unique location, and learn more about the amazing habitat and wide array of species found there. This project provides valuable information about rainforest ecosystems, and in particular, the importance of wetlands, not only for the wildlife that lives there, but also for tourism, education and livelihoods.

MSc. Joseph Oakley – Senior Field Staff