The importance of recovering forests: The Tinamous

Terrestrial In Line Transects (TILT) is one of the long-term monitoring projects carried out at the Manu Learning Centre Biological Field Station. The aim of this project is to study the diversity of game birds, medium and large mammals in the Manu Learning Centre disturbance gradient.

Tinamous represent one of the primary groups of game birds that our survey diligently focuses on. Since 2011, our dedicated team has continuously tracked the expansion of these birds across three distinct forest types. What’s particularly remarkable is our recent discovery: the numbers of all three Tinamus species have shown a notable increase in regions that have endured historical and significant human activity, as vividly depicted in the image below

This serves as a compelling illustration of how forests, left undisturbed for 30 to 50 years, can become rich sources of sustenance for these species, actively contributing to the process of forest regeneration by relying on them as seed dispersers. Regrettably, these birds, like numerous other wildlife species, face the threat of hunting within neighbouring communities due to their significant value as a protein source.

BSc Carolina Milagros Herrera Huayhua – Experiential Learning Coordinator