Manu National Park 50 Anniversary

The year 2023 is a special year for Manu, as it marks the 50th anniversary since its creation! To commemorate this historic occasion, our crew took part in activities within Cusco and Villa Salvación.

We were at the Manu Biosphere Reserve Fair, where local producers from Cusco and the Madre de Dios area sold their agricultural products and prepared regional dishes. We had a pleasant meeting with fair attendees at our display, where we discussed the importance of biodiversity, environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, and sustainable methods of planting. We also prepared seed packets that we provided to guests along with instructions for germination at home.

We organised an activity in Villa Salvación, the drawing contest Manu, My Home with the students of the José Carlos Mariátegui school. The children participated creatively representing their vision of the world as inhabitants of Manu through drawing and painting. The winners will earn a visit to the Manu Learning Centre very soon!

Similarly, we created the Conoce Manu Festival: Peruvian Amazon Stories, where we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of Crees produced films and documentaries. Our visitors were 400 high school students who had a fun and educational day learning about Manu. We want to express our gratitude to the Andina del Cusco University, and our entire great team for putting up this festival. We plan to release a new edition very soon!

Working in this amazing place is a pride for us, and thanks to you, we may continue to conserve it and carry out educational, scientific, and social projects!

BA Vivian Maricé Arbulú A.