Bottle vs Digging shovel

June has arrived and with this… WE CONTINUE WITH THE BIOGARDEN PROJECT!

We couldn’t be happier to continue the bio-garden project with the children of the “Niño de Praga” kindergarten. We have been working with them in the bio-garden within their school yard. They were excited to work with us!

Throughout the weeks, we developed a series of activities: We started preparing the soil together with the children, we mixed the soil that was in the cultivation beds with the guinea pig manure to enrich the soil with nutrients. To raise the pH of the soil, we used ashes brought by the parents of the children, thus improving the nutrient exchange. The children then brought shovels to work and till the soil, the curious thing is that they were shovels made from plastic bottles. In Villa Salvación families try to reuse everything, so they have to be creative at every opportunity.

Each class has its own grow bed, that is, children of 3, 4 and 5 years old have their own space to grow. However, a very important part of the kindergarten are the teachers, so they have their own grow bed together with the others.

Once the soil was prepared, we proceeded to make the holes to sow the seeds, it was at that moment that we let the children work. Once we explained to them everything they have to do, how they have to put the seeds in the holes and cover them, they got to work. They were very excited to be able to plant vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, watermelons and more!

In Villa Salvación most of the children are used to local crops, fruits and vegetables, so for them to see their plants grow, take care of them and take care of them is a pleasure and essential life skill!

Ing. Marta Nicolas Almansa – MERIDIES Internship