An enriching journey

It has been a pleasure for me to return to the Manu Learning Center biological station, this time as an intern. The experience has been more than enriching. I have learned much more about mammals, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles and my favourite group: birds!

I feel like the three months here went by too quickly! I still remember my first week, I felt the same curiosity to know the areas of the forest that I had not visited during my first time here. I really wanted to go out to the Mascoitania clay lick and be able to identify all the birds I see, just as the staff members do. With whom I will always be grateful for sharing all their knowledge and experience with me, and for considering me part of their family.

Each trip to the forest has left funny, surprising and even terrifying anecdotes to me, but I have enjoyed each one of them. Also, thanks to this experience I have been able to see many birds and I have learned a lot about them. Now I understand that they are not just beautiful and colourful, they also play an important role in the ecosystem. So now I am more curious about their natural history.

Another thing that has impacted me a lot is the importance of sharing and helping others to know about the great diversity that the Manu Biosphere Reserve has. Not only to the volunteers and tourists who visit the Manu Learning Center Biological Station, but also to the people who live in the surroundings through the environmental education we do in the local fairs!

In general, being here is a privilege, I have learned a lot about what I really like and the people here have helped me a lot to enjoy these previous few months!

Bsc Emma Achahuanco Sallo – Becario