A dream coming true

Since I was a child, I have felt an admiration and curiosity for nature. Guided by this passion, years later I became a biologist and had the opportunity to travel to many places, but I had to get to know the rainforest of the Manu in my heart. When I saw the call for an internship at Crees, I felt that the time had come to fulfil that dream.

Stepping on the soil of the Manu National Park ignited an indescribable joy in me! Having the opportunity to walk every day in the forest, look up and find very tall trees guarded by the blue sky, or feel the breeze of the wind while listening to the monkeys and birds was incredible. 

Over the course of these months, I have learned more about the forest and myself, facing any fears and consolidating my skills. Between walks, the rain, the laughter, and hard work I have strengthened my mind and spirit. I’ve enjoyed every outing to the forest, the process of learning to teach children and adults about biodiversity, the anecdotes among friends, knowing the world through the stories of volunteers and the monitoring where almost always something surprised us. 

Today that I am part of the staff, I feel very fortunate to work and live here. I know that we’re more than a team, we are a family.

Blga Jackeline Aida Mendoza Soto – Junior Field Staff