A dream come true

Ever since I was young I have dreamt of visiting the Manu National Park and working in conservation there. Crees gave me the opportunity for my dream to come true. 

It was very exciting and even with the high expectations I had when I started the Peruvian students programme, it was still one of the greatest adventures of my life. I have a huge appreciation for the whole team because throughout my stay everyone was very kind and helpful. At the MLC, each of my colleagues taught me a lot about the place and its biodiversity, and I enjoyed learning something new every day with the help and support to practice.

When I finished the programme, I became a Junior field team member and I had the wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge about the beautiful forest with volunteers, tourists, children, students and people from the local community. I also got to share their MLC experiences.

The MLC is definitely the place to make your dreams come true with the best team ever!!

Environmental Engineer Luis Echevarria – Junior Field Staff