60 Leaders in conservation

The Pasantía in Conservation (Now Conservation Scholarship) is a biannual program focused on the professional and academic training of young Peruvians with an interest in the conservation of the tropical rainforest.

The program lasts three months and is divided into two stages: The learning phase and the work phase. In the first stage, the scholarship holder learns basic knowledge about forest ecology, monitoring methodologies for multiple taxa, identification and handling of species, correct data collection, orientation in the forest, and security protocols.

The second stage consists of the leadership of groups in the field, developing everything learned during the first stage. In addition, workshops are carried out with different themes that seek to strengthen previous knowledge and promote the development of their own project.

The program began in 2011 and so far 60 professionals from different parts of Perú such as Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Tacna, Huancayo and Loreto have taken part. I believe that it is a great opportunity for those people who are beginning their careers in conservation, especially since it takes place in Manu, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

I was part of the program from May to August in 2021, and in addition to achieving the objectives that the internship set for me, I strengthened my abilities as a leader, I performed better in public, improved my level of English, expanded my network, and above all, I shared unforgettable experiences with people from different parts of Peru and the world.

Currently, I am still collaborating with the NGO and thanks to this, I have been able to take part in international conferences, participate in the writing of articles and scientific notes, collaborate in the preparation of field guides and books, and share everything I have learned and developed with everyone. who visit the Manu Learning Center Biological Station.

BSc Carolina Milagros Herrera Huayhua – Experiential Learning Coordinator