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The Crees Foundation for Manu is a Peruvian non-profit organization dedicated to the education, conservation, and sustainable development of the UNESCO-designated Manu Biosphere Reserve, the world’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest reserve. Over two decades, we have collaborated with both Peruvian and international organizations to achieve our mission.

As an active leader in research, education, and community projects, the Crees Foundation for Manu is deeply committed to promoting sustainable practices within the surrounding communities. Our goal is to raise awareness, inspire action, and instill environmental consciousness through science-based information. This commitment has significantly contributed to the effective management of the Reserve, ensuring its long-term health and biodiversity.





643 hectares of self regeneration protected forest

In 2017 we discovered the Ameerega shihuemoy frog, a new species for science

Over the past four years, we have facilitated the education of over 400 students.

With your contribution we can increase our impact on the conservation of Manu!